Inspired by...La La Land

So I finally watched La La Land!  This is my life...watching Oscar nominated a year late.  I had heard rumblings that it was overhyped but I really liked it.  I's a musical and stars Ryan Gosling - what's not to love!?

But my favorite part were the colors!  They were insanely gorgeous- so many beautiful jewel tones and primary colors throughout.  From the fashion to the furniture to the landscape. This article from the LA Times is fascinating, explaining the techniques used to get such vibrant, technicolor-esque color.  And I loved the LA vintage vibes shown through the houses, decor, and even the opening scene with all the cars. I started thinking about what a home or room might look like if it were designed around the movie. Here are a few that I think fit the bill.

A pop of yellow says "welcome - now let's have some fun" at this Palm Springs home.

A red door plus a classic Slim Aarons photograph make this one happy entryway.  Side note - make sure to check out the before and afters of this project here. Incredible!

 Image via  Contemporist

Image via Contemporist

More subdued in color.  I picture a more mature Sebastian and Mia living here after they "made it"....sigh.

 Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

I mean BAM.  Talk about color.  This reminds me of a less feminine version of Mia and her friend's apartment.

 Image via  One KIndesign

Image via One KIndesign

If you haven't seen the movie, do it. For the color alone it's worth it (and obviously Ryan Gosling too) - Enjoy!

A Modern Bohemian Living Room

Hello everyone and Happy 2018!  I'm excited to share a project I worked on last year. This room was a true collaboration with my client who had a California cool vision for the room. My clients moved to the Boston area from San Francisco a few years back and wanted a Cali vibe - light and airy with lot of pattern and texture. It's their formal living room, but in no way did they want it to be formal and stuffy in an old school New England way. Instead they wanted a comfortable space where they could relax, listen to music, read books, and entertain friends. Here are a few photos of the final product.

Rachel Oakland 13a copy.jpg
Rachel Oakland 11 copy.jpg
Rachel Oakland 6 copy.jpg

To bring her vision to life, we paired modern lines in the furnishings with colorful textiles and a variety of textures and finishes to create a beautiful, bohemian space. While key pieces were purchased for the room including the sofa, chair, end table, and bench, we were able to incorporate some of their existing furniture to keep the budget in line (plus I love using my client's existing pieces where possible).  Some of those items included the glass coffee table, bookcases, antique rug, and lots of interesting and unique accessories.

Rachel Oakland 2 copy.jpg

My clients have a one year old and while they aren't fully in the toddler trenches just yet, they will be soon and I wanted to ensure the textiles would hold up to a growing family.  I opted for soil and stain resistant fabrics on their new sofa and chair. Whenever I do a cream colored sofa in a family space (or any space for that matter!), I try use a fabric that can stand up to the messiness of everyday life.  The sofa is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and is covered in a Crypton fabric by Robert Allen.  The chair is from Duralee and upholstered in a Pater Dunham Sunbrella fabric.

Rachel Oakland 12 copy.jpg

My client found some mud cloth at the Brimfield antique show and we had it made into pillows and cushions for the sofa, leather bench, and Senufo stools (also found at Brimfield). These textiles, along with the rug, bring the red, purple, and blue color palette into the room, which is otherwise very neutral. Their antique rug was too small for the space, so I layered it over a jute rug to fill out the space.

Rachel Oakland 16 copy.jpg

There's also no overhead lighting in the room, so the lamps and sconces played an important role in lighting the space. We added these tall sconces above the fireplace along with a new floor lamp on one side of the sofa and their existing glass table lamp on the other for ambient lighting.  A brass floor lamp from Target next to the blue chair provides task lighting for reading

Rachel Oakland Ave 8 copy.jpg

And last but certainly not least - as styling is super important to a room - are the bookshelves, also pieces they already owned. We styled them out using some of their own accessories, like this vintage camera along with pieces from West Elm and Homegoods that I found, including these marble bookends and faux succulents. 

I loved working on this room because my client was so lovely, fun, and laid back (in particular when we experienced a few bumps in the road). They love the final product and I hope you love it too!