Home Resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year!  I cannot believe it's already 2017.  December seemed to fly by and here we are, in a new year just like that.  I like to make resolutions each year when it comes to eating, exercising, hobbies, my family, and myself.  This year I want to read one book per month, volunteer at least twice this year, eat more vegetarian meals, be more present with my kids, and have a standing date night with my husband.  I've also decided to make some resolutions for our home - simple things that will be attainable but that will make our environment better for the family. Here they are.

1. Small updates. Big impact.  

There are some larger projects we'd like to take on to improve our home and make it more functional for our family of four, including gutting our upstairs bathroom and giving our kitchen a face lift.  However, we need to save for those projects and they likely won't take place for another few years. In the meantime, I hope to make some small changes around the home to make it feel fresh.  This past month, I decided to ditch our boring and gross sisal rug in our dining room for this bold, plaid Flor rug - it's not for everyone, but i personally love it.  I also swapped out the upholstered dining chairs that came with our vintage dining table with some plastic Poly & Bark Eames knock-offs.  With little kids, these will be much more easy to clean, and I'm saving to reupholster the old chairs once they know not to wipe their hands on them ;)  Don't mind the terrible iPhone photo!


2. Purge! Purge! Purge!  

One book on my reading list is Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  While I'm a pretty neat person in general, the house can quickly become overwhelmed with stuff, whether it be mail piling up and of course, TOYS.  I love a good purge and would like to simplify things a bit more in order to make our house feel larger and more tidy.  I've already started by donating books from both the adult and kids shelves to local charities.

3. Go green.  

A family goal this year is to use less water, grow more veggies, and start composting.  I may even reach out to our town to see if there is interest in a town-wide curbside compositing program.  I'd also like to investigate getting some solar panels for our roof.

4. Up the artwork ante.  

We have a lot of great art in our house, but we still have bare walls in our master bedroom which drives me nuts.  My husband and I have been saying we'd buy some art for our anniversary for two years now but have yet to pull the trigger - this is the year!  I also plan on moving some pieces around - sometimes moving a print to a new room gives it (and the room) a whole new life.

Happy New Year!


Color Love: Greenery

Pantone just announced their 2017 color of the year - Greenery (Pantone 15-0343).  The color is meant to symbolize new beginnings and after what a crazy year 2016 was, I'm sure many are looking forward to just that!  From paint to pillows, main colors to accents, it can be used in many ways throughout the home.  Here are a few rooms that feature the color Greenery that I personally love.  Enjoy!

I love using purple and green together and this combination of shades feels fresh and unexpected.

Image via Brabbu.com and Luxe Interiors & Design

This has LONG been one of my favorite kitchens.  Using a bold color in a small space makes such an impact.  How fun would it be to cook in this space?

Image via House Beautiful

I love a dark and moody room. This green chaise lounge provides a fun pop of color and looks great with the turquoise chair and gold light fixture.

Image via Concepts & Colorways and Daphne Serrado

I feel like you could never wake up on the wrong side of the bed in this room!

Image via The English Room

Check out this pop of Greenery inside a kitchen cabinet and on the banquette around the table.  What a great way to bring a little happiness into a kitchen.

Image via House Beautiful

These curtains make a real statement.

Image via One Kings Lane