A Mid-century Inspired Living Room in Westwood

Oh boy it's been quite some time since I posted.  July has gone by QUICK and it's been super busy but I hope to get back on track with blogging in August.

Anywho, I wanted to share a project I worked on last Fall - one of my first official clients actually!  My clients moved from an apartment in Cambridge to a single family home in Westwood.  They had renovated the split level house (new kitchen, bathrooms, etc.) after moving in and were burnt out from making decisions.  Hence why they called me!  They hired me to put together their living room, which was basically a blank slate to start.  Here are a few before pics:

And here is the after.

I went with a Mid-century vibe and kept the overall palette pretty neutral and vibe laid back (like my clients) while bringing in some pops of color through accessories like the pillows, bookcase, and artwork.  The walls stayed as is and were a light blue-green. Very pretty and easy to work with.  I centered the sofa under the large bay window and framed it with ivory colored linen drapes.  Two modern armchairs sit opposite the sofa, balancing the space and providing a seating area to have conversations and hang out while entertaining.  Bookcases line the long wall opposite the stairs and house their collection of novels and cookbooks (they are avid readers and love to cook).  The budget for this project was moderate so we did a few semi-custom pieces like the drapes and mid-century armchairs mixed with other off-the-rack items like the rug, coffee table, and bookcases. 

Originally my clients were thinking of hanging a TV on the large wall above the bookcase but in the end decided not to. They are not huge TV watchers and already have one in the family room so they opted to keep this room for relaxing and entertaining only. That left a large space above the bookcase to fill.  We added this vibrant painting by Sherry Czekus courtesy of Libby Silvia of ArtStyle.  Doesn't it add a great pop and bring out the yellow in the pillows and the oranges and reds on the bookcase?

My client wanted a comfortable "manly" spot in the corner where he could kick back and relax so we opted for a modern (not bulky) leather chair with a matching ottoman (not pictured).  A side table provides a place for a cup of coffee (or cocktail!) and the floor lamp gives some task lighting when needed.  The painting, also from Libby Silvia, is by Logan Ledford.  I'm obsessed with this painting and want it for my own home!

My clients are loving the new space and settling in nicely.  I was so happy to be able to help them finish this space and make it their own.


Photographs by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photo