A Big Boy Room in Lexington

Hi everyone!  Next up is a project I worked on this past Fall in Lexington. My clients had moved into a new home and needed some help finishing up a few rooms. One of the bigger projects was moving their 3 year old son from the nursery into his "big boy room" to make room for his baby sister.  I love designing kids rooms because color and pattern are fair game and you can really get creative and fun.

The room was basically a blank slate with beige walls and hardwood floors.  I put together the color scheme and furniture plan for the room, adding key new pieces and using existing furnishings and accessories that they had.  Voila!

Let's start with color.  I was shopping at Flor when I came across one of their predesigned rugs that I knew I had to use somewhere.  A few days later it dawned on me how adorable it would be in this room.  The colors in the rug became my inspiration for the room, with grays, navy blue, teal, and orange.  A bonus is that Flor rugs are incredibly "green" which was important for my clients as they're very conscientious about what type of chemicals go into furniture. They're made with recycled materials, are low VOC, and use much less energy to produce. Plus if you get a stain on the rug, you just replace the tile, not the rug (and the tiles can be recycled through Flor).  Win win!  We kept the walls neutral by painting them Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore and allowed the other colors to pop throughout the room.

Furniture wise we worked with pieces they had and added new ones as needed.  They had a full bed frame already, so I added a navy blue upholstered headboard to provide a comfy spot to read bedtime stories.  I accented the bed with quilted navy bedding and some orange triangle sheets from Land of Nod.  The campaign nightstand is also from Land of Nod and the artwork is something they already had.

Again we tried to repurpose as much furniture as possible.  We moved a modern chair from the master bedroom into this room to create a reading nook in the corner.  We also moved the parents old dresser into this room as we were replacing theirs.  Finally we kept the gray and white chevron curtains that were in his previous bedroom.  Yes they're a tad too short, but they didn't want to invest in new curtains so in Tim Gunn fashion, we made it work!

Mid-way through the design process, my client's son requested a rocket themed room, so we changed directions slightly and made this our loose theme (they didn't want anything too themed out as they hope he can grow into this room over time).  My clients found some cute rocket and plane artwork from Target that worked great on the walls.  The rocket table lamp on the bedside table (shown above) is also from Target.  

One of my favorite things in the room is the orange sputnik ceiling light.  This was chosen pre-rocket theme, but it actually ties well to that theme as it's futuristic and fun.  

My client's son loves his new room and has taken to his big boy status nicely.  Bringing a new baby home can be disrupting to older siblings so I'm happy to have given him a space that he truly loves.


Photographs by Jourieh Hage


One Room Challenge Week 4: Lots and Lots of Boxes

Hi everyone!  If you're new here, I'm Rachel Dunham, an interior designer based outside of Boston.  I'm participating as a guest blogger in Calling it Home's One Room Challenge this Spring, helping to update an open concept family room in my client's home.  During Week 1 I shared what we were starting with, Week 2 my inspiration for the room, and Week 3 my official plan. Now it's week 4 and I'm starting to freak out a bit that I won't have things done in time. Eek!  Almost everything is in, but we have a LOT of boxes to unpack - see below. This is about half of it - the rest is in my office taking up a lot of space.

There were 3 things I was concerned about making work in the 6 week timeframe:

  1. The console table: Unfortunately I heard from my vendor that the custom grasscloth console table for the entryway will not arrive in time for the reveal. Such a bummer, but these things take time.
  2. The chandelier: This is actually arriving tomorrow (a few weeks ahead of schedule), however, I'm having a hard time finding an electrician to install it before the reveal (why didn't I call sooner?!)  Fingers crossed that can happen in time, but if not, you may just see me holding it up in the background.
  3. The slipcovers: We got the slipcovers from Ballard Designs, and while the dimensions were slightly off, it looks as though they're going to work.  Yay!  Now they just need a good iron and I think we'll be in business.

Today I picked up the rug - definitely a time I wish I drove an SUV or was smart enough to take the car seats out BEFORE heading there.  Oh well.  It's here and in one piece.

I'm hoping that next week we'll be putting the finishing touches on things and getting ready to photograph the room for the finished product. Fingers crossed we get the light fixture installed and that things go smoothly!   In the meantime, head over to Calling it Home to see the other guest bloggers and where they're at.