One Room Challenge Week 4: Lots and Lots of Boxes

Hi everyone!  If you're new here, I'm Rachel Dunham, an interior designer based outside of Boston.  I'm participating as a guest blogger in Calling it Home's One Room Challenge this Spring, helping to update an open concept family room in my client's home.  During Week 1 I shared what we were starting with, Week 2 my inspiration for the room, and Week 3 my official plan. Now it's week 4 and I'm starting to freak out a bit that I won't have things done in time. Eek!  Almost everything is in, but we have a LOT of boxes to unpack - see below. This is about half of it - the rest is in my office taking up a lot of space.

There were 3 things I was concerned about making work in the 6 week timeframe:

  1. The console table: Unfortunately I heard from my vendor that the custom grasscloth console table for the entryway will not arrive in time for the reveal. Such a bummer, but these things take time.
  2. The chandelier: This is actually arriving tomorrow (a few weeks ahead of schedule), however, I'm having a hard time finding an electrician to install it before the reveal (why didn't I call sooner?!)  Fingers crossed that can happen in time, but if not, you may just see me holding it up in the background.
  3. The slipcovers: We got the slipcovers from Ballard Designs, and while the dimensions were slightly off, it looks as though they're going to work.  Yay!  Now they just need a good iron and I think we'll be in business.

Today I picked up the rug - definitely a time I wish I drove an SUV or was smart enough to take the car seats out BEFORE heading there.  Oh well.  It's here and in one piece.

I'm hoping that next week we'll be putting the finishing touches on things and getting ready to photograph the room for the finished product. Fingers crossed we get the light fixture installed and that things go smoothly!   In the meantime, head over to Calling it Home to see the other guest bloggers and where they're at.

One Room Challenge Week 3: The Plan (Part 2)

Hi everyone!  For those of you new to my blog, I'm Rachel Dunham, an interior designer based in Arlington, Massachusetts.  I'm participating in the One Room Challenge, a bi-annual blogger event put on by Linda at Calling it Home.  During the ORC, bloggers transform a room over the course of 6 weeks...which is pretty short in design life!

This time around I'm re-imagining a room in my client's home.  It's the first floor of an urban townhouse and is open concept, so includes the living room, dining room, and entryway.  They have some existing pieces that they want to keep (primarily a sofa, dining table, and dining chairs) but hired me to help give the room some love and pull it all together.

As a reminder, here is the before:

And here is the color scheme and inspiration for my design which I shared in last week's blog post:

This week I'm sharing the actual plan which lucky for me, my client loved (yay).  Behold the plan!

I've divided the room into three zones - living, dining, and entry.  In the living zone, we'll define the space by grounding it with a diamond patterned, wool rug in a sea green color.  I've recommended an acrylic coffee table - I love using a clear table when space is limited as it provides functionality but visually doesn't take up a lot of space.  A floor lamp next to the sofa will provide some task lighting for reading and a white end table will anchor the opposite end of the sofa and give them a place to place drinks, books, magazines, etc. The yellow marais counter stools will add a happy pop of color on this side of the room at the kitchen peninsula. 

In the dining zone, we'll be adding a chandelier above the dining table to define this space as the dining area.  We'll also cover the existing dark leather dining chairs with some washable, beige slipcovers. These will lighten up the room and make it feel less heavy.

In the entry zone I've recommended a custom grasscloth console table to add some visual excitement to the wall and serve as a place to place keys and mail. A brass boot tray will sit under the table.  To the left, we'll install some brass hooks on the wall for both adults and kids. The cute little rabbit hooks will at kid level on the wall so their preschool age daughter can hang her own coat, hats, and bags.  I was hoping to add a mirror above the console, however, I may need to consider alternatives as the light switch and alarm system are inconveniently placed on this wall.

We've already begun ordering items and things are coming along nicely.  We should have most things installed by week 6, however, there are a few custom pieces that may not arrive in time - mainly the console table and the light fixture for the dining zone. Fingers crossed they come through in time!

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