One Room Challenge Week 2: The Plan (Part 1)

Hi everyone! For those that don't know me, I'm Rachel Dunham, an interior designer in Arlington, Massachusetts, and I'm participating in the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home this Spring.  Last week I revealed that I'd be working with a client this go-round whose open concept family room is in need of a little love, and who wants to make changes fast (which is great for the ORC!)  This week I'm going to share my inspiration, the color palette, and changes I've proposed to the layout of the space.

In terms of color, the home is a pretty neutral canvas with lots of beige and white.  A very calm and clean vibe.  I want to keep that vibe but add color through accessories.  My client is originally from Florida so when I started to think about the project and the overall color scheme, I was drawn to these Gray Malin photographs from beaches around the world.  In particular the ones with the beautiful seafoam green water and bright umbrellas dotting the sand.

Photograph by  Gray Malin

Photograph by Gray Malin

Photograph by  Gray Malin

Photograph by Gray Malin

These inspired me to create a palette of navy, beige, cream, seafoam green and yellow to bring the space to life.  I use navy a lot and consider it a neutral and the pop of yellow will bring a little energy and happiness to the room.

Finally, the floor plan.  When I met with my client for the first time, I knew immediately that the way the room was laid out was not ideal.  Originally they had the dining room table on the same side of the room as the kitchen peninsula and the sofa on a wall that had no room for accent tables or lighting.  Here's how it's currently laid out:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.30.43 PM.png


And here is my proposed layout:

I'm moving their existing sofa to the wall under the windows and adding some accent tables to place drinks, toys, books, etc.  We're going to add a rug to ground the space as a "living area". Then I'll shift the dining area to the opposite side of the room and add a chandelier to define that as the "dining area".  We'll only keep three chairs at the dining table as they're a family of three, but will keep the extras in storage for when they have guests. This will allow us to keep the table closer to the wall than if there were four and free up some space.  Finally in the entryway, I'm adding an accent table and some hooks for jackets as they don't have a proper coat closet.

Next week I'll reveal the actual plan and where we're at in the process.  Can't wait!  In the meantime, don't forget to check out the 20 main participants in the One Room Challenge as well as the guest bloggers (like myself!) at Calling it Home.