A Fireplace Facelift

I'm working on a family room with an e-design client right now.  The room has a fireplace, and she has asked for some ideas to give it a facelift.  It's an interesting wall because the fireplace and surround is pretty much flush with the wall minus the mantle.  There's some wood trim around the firebox opening, but it doesn't extend up to the mantle, giving it a strange gap.  The stone and brick on the hearth are mismatched and in general, it feels small.  Here is a photo of the before:

Certainly a challenge, but I have some ideas.

1. Paint the entire wall white, including the brick, stone, and wood trim around the fireplace while leaving the actual firebox black.  This wall would be a white accent wall, while the rest of the walls would be painted a coordinating neutral color.  Something like this:

Image via  House of Jade

Image via House of Jade

The second idea is to create a "faux" mantle by painting from the brick hearth all the way up to the bottom of the mantle.  Then I would paint the surrounding wall an accent color (leaning towards a navy or slate blue right now). 

The third idea is to just paint the wood trim, brick and stone around the firebox white, and then have the remaining wall painted an accent color (again likely a navy or slate blue).   The trim around my client's fireplace is wider so there would be more white than in the photo below.

Image via  Rachel Bishop

Image via Rachel Bishop

Decisions, decisions!