My Bathroom Renovation: Day 10

Hi everyone!  

I wanted to share a quick update on my own bathroom renovation. The good, bad, and ugly.  We finally have walls and the floor should be done tomorrow - yippie! Then the tile goes in, vanity, final plumb and electric and we'll be golden.  A reminder of the before.


 And here's what it looked like post-demo.


And here is what it looks like now. I've never been so happy to see walls!


First the good - the subcontractors I'm working with have been flexible and have done a great job so far.  I've never project managed a bathroom before, so I'm learning as I go, and they've been kind and helpful with my (many) questions.

The bad.  The tile is going to take 5 days vs. the 3 they originally had estimated. BUT we're still going to be done with this in 3 weeks total - a week longer than I had hoped, but let's be honest. Two weeks was just not realistic.

The ugly.  Man when the walls come down you really see the guts of the house. This house was built in the 20's and so the demo was pretty messy.  Plaster and lath walls do not make for an easy demo.  I spent a lot of time vacuuming up plaster and what not.  Word to the wise - wear a mask when you're doing any demo. The dust really bothered me at the start!

I plan on sharing my tips if you're going to manage a renovation like this yourself once the project is officially done.  Until then, we'll be continuing our tour of showers in the greater Arlington area.

Have a great weekend!