A Mudroom's Dramatic Before & After

I have been anxiously waiting to share this dramatic before & after of a mudroom I designed in Lexington. My clients hired me to redesign their mudroom in their cape style home. It was pretty dated, dark, and I’ll just say it…ugly. Here is a photo of the before.


And here’s the after. Big change huh!?

Wilson Mudroom.jpg

I worked within the existing footprint to maximize the space as there was no plan to add on, and designed all the custom cabinetry which my carpenter then built. There’s a small porch on either side of the room and doing away with one and closing in the door was not in the budget. So we kept the breezeway and got new doors that gave them more privacy but still allow light to flow through.

Wilson Mudroom 2.jpg

They have two young kids so we needed to utilize the space as best as possible with places to hang jackets, store shoes, keep gym bags, and have things behind closed doors. There are lots of hooks in here for these reasons! I opted to have one large space for jackets rather than breaking it out into cubbies to maximize the amount of coats they could hang. Additionally I gave them two different spots for shoes - one for boots and another for sneakers.

Wilson Mudroom 3.jpg

This room is also where they store their recycling and they desperately wanted those standard blue bins the town provides gone. Again the space is narrow so I designed these pull out bins that hold a standard trash can turned sideways allowing them to sort and keep their recyclables out of sight.

Wilson Mudroom 4.jpg

Finally we included a bench seat covered in a Sunbrella fabric under the window and added a pop of yellow using one of my favorite fabrics, Schumacher Queen of Spain, for the roman shade.

Let’s be honest, the space typically has a lot more stuff in it (I mean they’re an active family of four), but as my client said, even if it’s a hot mess at times, at least it’s a pretty hot mess.


Photos by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography